Worship Watches

In addition to our regular congregational Shabbat worship (11am Saturday mornings), multiple mid-week and monthly worship watches take place in the Kehilat HaCarmel Worship Center, in which there is an interweaving of worship, proclamation, and intercession. At special times of the year, we also have extended watches of 12 or more hours, involving multiple teams, both local Israeli Jewish and Arab, as well as international teams.


Weekly Worship Watches

Tuesdays, 2pm-4pm

Wednesdays**, 10am-12pm

**Please note, no watches September 18 or 19, due to Yom Kippur.
No watches on September 25 (T) nor 26 (W) (due to the special watch on September 27, see below.).

Thursdays*, 10:00-11:30am.


Next Evening Worship Watch

October 18

November 29

Special Worship Celebrations:

Succot Celebration: Thursday, Sept. 27, 10:00-16:00. Six hours of worship with local and international teams including Rowena Pang and Throne Room Wings dancers.