Colin Mitchell

Colin Mitchell was brought up in a Jewish family in London's East End, and along with his wife Helen, made aliyah (immigrated) to Israel in 2009. He currently serves in the leadership team of Kehilat HaCarmel. He is a gifted preacher and teacher, while having a pastor’s and father's heart. Colin's calling includes ministering internationally, taking God's word to bless and encourage believers around the world, while providing a clear and balanced perspective on what is happening in Israel and the Middle East. Colin is a spiritual father to many, and with Helen, has adopted two beautiful children. Colin is also the father of two young adults who live in the UK and has recently become a grandfather. In 2012, Colin authored "Let's Go Up To Jerusalem," a contemporary commentary on the Psalms of Ascent.




Toronto, Canada- June 15--27, 2022

     19th June: Sunday - 19am service at Catch the Fire, Barrie

     19th June: Sunday - 7pm Evening Communion Service with Singing Waters.
     21st June - 7pm at Singing Waters (see
   &nbsp 24th June, Friday - 7pm at Singing Waters (65 + 1) Anniversary Conference 'A Future and A Hope'
     25th June, Saturday - Morning and Afternoon at Singing Waters (65 + 1) Anniversary Conference.

     26th June, Sunday - 10am at CFC Church in Orangeville - 'The Cry of the Kingdom'

Ministry in Canada: 15th - 28th June 2022

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-- November 4-16, 2022 -- Israel -

   - Mount Carmel School of Ministry (SOM 42) Haifa and Jerusalem For dates or more information about SOM, please contact: Denise Harris