Vladimir Tsapar

Vladimir Tsapar was born in a Jewish family in the Ukraine. After finishing his studies at the Kharkov Military University he served as the Head of Technical Supply Department in several Ukrainian Air Force Bases. In 1998 he and his wife Ksenia immigrated to Israel (“made aliya”), and settled in the city of Haifa. In 1999 Vladimir began serving at Kehilat HaCarmel as building manager and in 2001 joined the ministry staff of Beit Nitzachon (House of Victory), a residential rehabilitation program for men with life-controlling issues. In September 2008 Vladimir was installed as a Pastor of Kehilat HaCarmel. Vladimir now oversees the Hadar HaCarmel Center in downtown Haifa, which houses the Elijah’s Cloak clothing distribution program, various outreaches and several Russian-speaking home groups. He is currently deepening his Biblical studies through the Israel College of the Bible. Vladimir and Ksenia are raising their two daughters Rivka (15) and Michal (4).