Hadar HaCarmel Center

Hadar HaCarmel (“The Glory of Carmel”) Center is a humanitarian aid and outreach center located in the Hadar neighborhood of downtown Haifa. It houses our Elijah’s Cloak (“Aderet Eliahu)” clothing distribution and the Raven’s Basket (“Sal Orev”) feeding programs. Many needy Russian-speaking immigrants (“olim”), as well as Arab Israelis who live in this vicinity, receive practical assistance, as well as encouragement and comfort from our multi-lingual staff and volunteers. Also at Hadar HaCarmel, visitors are welcome to attend special concerts, holiday celebrations, and Bible studies. With its weekly recreational activities for young adults and children, Hadar HaCarmel is developing into a thriving community center.

Elijah's Cloak (Aderet Eliyahu) Clothing Distribution Center

In December, 2002, we began renting a large facility in downtown Haifa in order to distribute free, good quality clothing to people in need—primarily immigrants from the former Soviet Union and the Arab population in the area. We give clothing to more than three thousand people each year.

Raven's Basket Food Distribution Program

For the past several years, we have been taking baskets of food to needy families on Mount Carmel, both in Haifa and the neighboring villages. We now serve over 500 families. Our teams go out on a daily basis, bringing food, hope, and love to widows, single mothers, and families living in poverty (1 Kings 17:6; Matt. 25:37-40).


Hadar HaCarmel Center
Humanitarian aid, community center, outreach concerts and holiday events