Kingdom of God

For the last two months we have been following the Book of Nehemiah in our weekly Shabbat celebrations. The parallels between those days nearly 2,500 years ago and our times are striking and helpful to us all. Nehemiah was a Jew who rose to a responsible position in the government of King Artaxerxes of Persia. The Jews were captives in Persia but the period of seventy years prophesied by Daniel had been fulfilled. When Nehemiah heard that the walls and gates of Jerusalem were broken and destroyed he was distressed and prayed earnestly to God.

Over the last few months the Lord has called our congregation to focus on one of Yeshua’s greatest teachings -- the Sermon on the Mount.  When Yeshua saw the multitudes, He went up on a mountain overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Most people believe this is the place known today in Israel as the Mount of Beatitudes which has a natural amphitheater.  As the people gathered, Yeshua began teaching.